Pam Taylor

I obtained my first Samoyed in 1973, when together with my husband Ray we adopted the Naduska affix.

Although very few litters have been bred over the years I have bred/owned 7 UK Champions and as well as an International Champion. Three puppies also qualified outright for the Dog World/Spillers/Pro Plan Pup of the Year National competition.

In the 1980’s I became Secretary of the Northern Samoyed Society and served in this role for over twenty five years until becoming President. A position I still hold. During this period I was instrumental in introducing and organizing the NSS Samoyed and Puppy of the Year event which has now been running in the UK for over 20 years.

In 1997, I had the honour of judging the breed at Crufts.

In 1998, I was commissioned by Ringpress Publications to write a book on the breed. This was published in 2000 and titled “The Samoyed Today”.

Also in the year 2000 I attended the first ever World Samoyed Meeting in Milan where I was invited to speak. This was followed in 2009 by a Second World Samoyed Meeting in Bratislava where I was again invited to give a presentation on the breed.

In 2005 a bitch I bred was awarded BOB at Crufts.

For a three year period I served as Samoyed Breed Liaison Officer and I also wrote the Breed Notes for the Dog World Newspaper for many, many years. Unfortunately this publication is no longer in existence.

I have judged the breed in Southern Ireland, Italy, Finland and New Zealand . I should have judged the breed in Australia but unfortunately at this time my husband became gravely ill.

The Samoyed is a wonderful breed and it gives me great joy to be invited to judge at the Euro Samoyed 2020.


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