Ota Janko – president

In 1993 the first Northerner – the Alaskan Malamute – joined our family. In 1994 the first Samoyed followed.  This breed accompanies us to this day. From 1995 until last year I regularly participated in dog sledge races, while my wife was attending shows. I don’t race anymore, I now ride for the joy of my Samoyeds and my pleasure. I am still enthusiastic about this great breed and am satisfied that we managed to show that even a sports dog can be successful at shows. I have been a long-term member of the Czech Samoyed Club since 1999, when I became a member of the committee, and since 2003 I have been the chairman of the club.

Language: italian, czech


Paola Daffunchio – member of committee

My name is Paola Daffunchio and I have been a breeder of Samoyeds in Italy
since 1989 with the affix WELSEA. I love the samoyed breed unconditionally
and for this reason I have tried to enhance it also through training. I
also own and manage the Il Biancospino dog training school, which provides
dog training courses for professional trainers in Italy. The Samoyeds at
our center work in obedience, agility and are highly skilled in performing
tricks. I spur my Clients to educate a Samoyed to the best of his /her
abi64/8lities to become the best friend of all family members.

Language: french, italian


Jenni Korpisalo-Kohvakka – member of committee

My name is Jenni Korpisalo-Kohvakka and I’m a Finn living currently in the Netherlands. My life with the Samoyeds started in 1993 by co-owning a Samoyed male together with my sister Katja. Currently we have two girls at home and I’m a co-owner for two males living in Finland. For the moment I don’t breed Samoyeds, but I still hold my prefix Sno’proof. I was an active member in Samoyed Associations in Finland for nearly 20 years, until I and my husband moved to the Netherlands. I’ve done multiple roles in these clubs; webmaster, treasurer, president of the local club, member of the board and different committees. I did many years gathering and translations of show critiques for the breed club’s magazine ‘Valkoturkki’ (Finnish for white coat) and even few yearbooks too. My main interest has always been dog shows, local and abroad. But not just attending with my dogs, handling for others or just a spectator, I was also an official ring steward in Finland and was organizing few Samoyed Specialty shows too. As both my husband and I like to travel, it has been nice to combine both hobbies and attend the World Samoyed Meetings around the world, visit club shows in different countries, not forgetting World and European Dog Shows. I look forward to meeting people around the world with same passion, the Samoyeds, in the Euro Samoyed shows too!

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Martin Henčel – member of committee

First time I met Samoyed was in 2005, when my wife and I were looking for a new family member. We chose Zara, female from ´Yoshi and Us´ kennel in 2006 as a pet. After a short time we started to visit shows, camps and we found new friends. Since that time I´ve started to work in commitee of Samoyed club Slovakia where I am still an active member.

My wife has a kennel ´Carpathian White Smile´ since 2009. We bred 64 puppies in 10 litters. Of course, I fully support my wife in this activity.

In my opinion, samoyeds are not dogs for people but dogs with people.  

Language: english, slovak