Welcome to the website of the EURO SAMOYED SHOW, which is one of the top events of the Samoyed community.

The first Central European Show 2017, held in the Czech Republic, was followed by the Euro Samoyed Show 2018 in Slovakia, the Euro Samoyed Show 2019 in Estonia and the Euro Samoyed Show 2021 in Italy.

Due to the current difficulties we cannot hold a 2020 show. However, we are all very aware of the importance of this event, which is not only about the show, but also about the meeting of friends and supporters of the Samoyed breed.

That is why we are looking forward to meeting you all in Lithuania in 2023.

Best regards from the Euro Samoyed Show Committee

Ota Janko (CZ) – Paola Daffuncio (IT) – Jenni Korpisalo (FIN) – Martin Henčel (SK)

Euro Samoyed show Lithuania 2023