Marta Bandur

I come from Slovenia and I am a German teacher at a high school in Maribor. In 1986 I got my first Samoyed. Since 1989 I have been breeding Samoyeds under the kennel name Blanja Polar. Later, I started showing my dogs at dog shows, which I still do now. My dogs are champions in many countries, BIS and BISS winners and my youngest male was the 2019 European Champion. I currently have 9 adult Samoyeds at home, some of whom are retired.

In 2003 I became a judge for Bernese Mountain Dogs and now I am also a judge for the whole 5th group.

I also actively participated in other cynological fields, among others I was the president of the Commission for Professional matters of Cynological Association Slovenia. I am now a boardmember of the Club for Nordic Breeds and Spitz of Slovenia and a member of the Breeding Commission for the 5th group.

I look forward to judging at your show so I can see many beautiful dogs.