Katja Korhonen

I´m Katja Korhonen from Finland. I have long history in doghobby, all starts in 1985 when first samoyeds move to my childhood family.

I graduated as a FCI judge from the 2006 course and  I first qualified for my own lovely breed Samoyed in 2007, which I had also bred under the kennel name Schatzave’s ( was established 1993). 

I have import samoyeds from Denmark, France and Latvia. And also co-operate and -owned dogs with Tuula Pratt, kennel Humoresque, I have export samoyeds to Japan, Canada, Russian and Sweden.

In my childhood home, our family had a Samoyed, swedish lapphund, a Kleinzspitz and a whippet.  I have also owned a Northbottenspitz, a  Norwegian Elkhound and Flatcoated retrievers. At the moment  2 samoyed females, 2 flatcoated retrievers males and a Finnish Hound male living in our family.

I trying to expand the following breed groups FCI4, FCI5, FCI6, FCI7, FCI8 and FCI10. So this judging hobby keeps me busy.

I live with my family in Kempele, about 20km  from Oulu, in North-Finland, in the middle of beautiful countryside, which provides a great setting for dog hobbies and a safe environment for the whole family.

In my spare time, I am dog association activist, making dogshows in our area, and in autumtime I like also to hunt. 

I am looking forward to see many lovely samoyeds in may ESS  2023.