What is Euro Samoyed?

Born from an idea of ​​4 breeders of international exposure in Europe and in the world, Eurosamoyed will be featured in 2023 in Lithuania. In spring 2017, in the Castle of Valtice during the Czech Samoyed Show 2017, Tuula Pratt, Yana Fulierovà, Ota Janko and Renata Fossati decided to create the Eurosamoyed committee with the idea of reuniting breeders and fans in an annual meeting in Europe, with the support of the national kennel clubs.

Breed protection, selection, selecting the original characteristics with a modern perspective, informing fans and creating a moment to share and meet with breeders from different countries: these were the guidelines of the committee. The following year, 2018 Slovakia hosted Eurosamoyed and on that occasion, the 2019 applications were presented Estonia and 2021 Italy.
Renata Fossati passed the testimonial to Paola Daffunchio, an Italian breeder who now represents Italy in the committee, voted by all the participating representatives.

In Lithuania Eurosamoyed will be organized by on 12/13/14 May 2023
at Taujėnai Manor.

It will be an event for all breeders/lovers with a program of meetings, and fun, playful, interesting activities.